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The Missing Piece: What (Who) Is Missing In The Pay For Play Discussion

In September 30, 2019 governor Gavin Newsom of California signed the Fair Pay For Play Act into law allowing student-athletes to receive compensation for their Name, Image and Likeness (NIL), hire agents, and sign endorsement deals. While the Fair Pay For Play act doesn’t take effect until 2023, the move guaranteed student-athletes in California the right to receive compensation for NIL, and all but forced the NCAA to respond as other states started going down the same path as California... 

NCAA Men's Basketball Regional - Sacramento, California (2007). Sacramento Bee Photograph by Jose Luis Villegas

Former Ohio State Athletes, Agents Applaud NCAA's Change Of Heart

By   – Staff reporter, Columbus Business First. Luke Fedlam Interview | November 14, 2019 
“I was bouncing checks at Pizza Hut,” said former Ohio State University player Eddie George. “At times I was thinking, how the hell am I going to pay for my apartment bills?”

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