Educate to Protect, Educate to Empower

Seize Opportunities

The statistics show athletes are overwhelmingly going broke, becoming mired in family challenges, and failing to own their futures. We believe this is unacceptable for people with so much potential and opportunity. The cottage industry built around “serving” athletes has bred a culture of opportunism, ego and self-service.

Build a Toolset

For Anomaly, it’s different. We exist not to capitalize on an athlete’s success, but instead to be the voice of independence and objectivity. We assist athletes in succeeding off the field and for the rest of their lives. We give athletes the tools they need to transcend the statistics. We show them how to become an Anomaly.

Develop Partnerships

Our consulting is different- we instead focus on how to help athletes by working to create partnerships with key influencers and stakeholders that enrich life experiences and make a difference for athletes at every level.

Prepare for Success

Anomaly serves as an educational resource for sports organizations – including pro teams and leagues, player associations and collegiate athletic departments – providing professional, personal and social development opportunities to athletes to assist them in preparing for success in life outside of their sport.

Our Services

While many sports organizations pursue college and professional athletes as clients, Anomaly is different - we instead focus on how to help athletes by working with key influencers and stakeholders in their lives to make a difference. From university athletic departments and preparatory camps to trade associations and professional sports teams and leagues, we create the partnerships that enrich life experiences for athletes at every level.

Life Skills Programs & Curriculums

Our core service is working closely with colleges and universities to develop customized programming and organization-specific messages for its current and former athlete stakeholders ranging from dedicated keynote presentations to multi-day conferences. When institutions need to get serious about implementing athlete-focused curricula, we work together to build focused learning experiences that complement existing course offerings and create a program of continuous education in the most critical areas.

Speaking Engagements & Media Opportunities

Luke Fedlam, Anomaly founder and President, is a regular presenter at national forums, conferences and
seminars on a variety of issues facing college and professional athletes. Anomaly also serves as a
resource to local and national media on topics related to athletes in college and professional sports. To
make an inquiry or request a comment, please complete the “Contact Us” form above in the menu bar.